How to Calculate the Amount of Gutters You Need

Calculating the amount of gutters you need for your project is a relatively straightforward process. First, add up the lengths of each roof edge to determine the total gutter length required. Then, multiply the length of each downspout by the number of downspouts needed to get the total length of downspout material. After all the accessories are installed, one, two or three installers will lift an entire section and attach it to the fascia plate, making sure that the outlets are slightly tilted downwards for better drainage.

Steel gutters are a popular choice due to their durability, but they have one major drawback - they will eventually rust. This can happen as soon as five to seven years after installation, at which point they may need to be replaced. Because of this, many homeowners opt for aluminum gutters instead, even though they are more expensive. Sheet protectors are then installed after fixing the section to the roof edge, followed by the downspouts.

Having done gutter work for over 35 years, I can tell you that costs have gone up significantly since my last 200-pound coil - which should cover more than 600 feet - cost over $900 without end caps, hangers, caulking, screws and workers' compensation fees. This was before the last typhoon caused a tree to fall on our house; luckily, we only had to replace our gutter. We decided to go with a semicircular style for our bungalow as it looks more aesthetically pleasing. However, I consulted a contractor to make sure it was compatible with our house in a practical sense.

If you need 50 feet of gutter, it's best to buy it from a local seamless gutter company. Aluminum gutters are also an option and are easy to work with, making them ideal for DIYers. Seamless gutters don't require putty, tools, glue or additional materials to join sections together, so they tend to be more cost-effective than other types of gutters. However, you may need additional supplies and gutter parts depending on your installation, which will increase the overall cost. Gutter covers are another great way to protect your gutters from leaves, dirt and debris.

If you're replacing your gutters altogether, you'll need to dispose of the old ones properly - this may add extra costs. Installing sectional gutters will also require additional tools and materials for securing them in place. The total cost of installing new gutters will depend on the contractor's labor and materials used. Finally, there is a gutter cost calculator available online that can help you estimate how much it will cost to install new seamless gutters and downspouts for your home. This can help you budget accordingly and make sure you get the best value for your money.