What Problems Can Clogged Gutters Cause?

Gutter obstruction problems can cause a variety of issues, from roof damage to foundation damage and flooding in basements. Clogged gutters can cause cracks and changes in sidewalks and entrances, and can lead to water seeping into your home and damaging the shingles, roof, and more. It can also cause the gutter system to deform and become heavy before separating it from the house structure and taking part of the roof with it. The appropriate slope for gutters is ½ inch over 10 feet, but if the gutter is more than 40 feet long, you may want to tilt it in the middle of two different drain nozzles.

To fix the slope of a gutter, you'll need to rehang it by removing the hardware and re-measuring the pitch. This can be done alone, but it would be much easier with a partner who knows a little bit about how to fix the slope of a gutter and who has the right tools. When gutters become clogged, they can't drain properly and can start to overflow during storms. When water cannot pass through properly, it can start to cause problems with the base.

That's why it's so important to keep your gutters clean that you want water to flow easily. Cleaning gutters and keeping them in their optimal condition are some things that can do wonders for your home's drainage system and, at the same time, avoid costly long-term problems. Gutters are, after all, the most important parts of any home. They divert all water from your home safely and effectively.

So, if you don't pay attention to gutters and clean them regularly, you're making your home very susceptible to water damage. If water is able to penetrate the foundation of the house, it can also reach the basement or attic. Because these are the least visited areas of a home, it sometimes takes too long for homeowners to discover water damage in these parts. This is a serious problem considering that mold or moss growth usually occurs within 24 hours with excess moisture. And your basement or attic will become the breeding ground for mold growth in no time. Cleaning gutters regularly or having them professionally cleaned every six months or so can prevent serious water damage to your home, including your foundation.

For more information on maintaining your gutters or to learn about our gutter and roof cleaning services, contact RRG at 678-325-6949 to schedule a FREE consultation today in Dahlonega, GA or Murphy, NC. Ensuring that gutters are clean and free of debris is essential to ensure that your home is kept in top condition. You might be surprised to learn what kind of damage a clogged gutter can cause. If you notice water spilling down the sides of the gutters like a waterfall, it's a telltale sign that your gutters are clogged. If you have a driveway, you risk being damaged or destroyed in the same way if you don't clean the gutters regularly to avoid obstructions. Learn the most common gutter problems, how to fix them before it's too late, and when it's time to replace gutters completely.

Your gutter system must be cleaned every season to ensure that your home is properly protected against costly water-related damage. Every fall and spring, you'll have to climb the entire perimeter of your roof to clear clogged gutters. If enough dirt remains in the gutters for long periods of time, excess weight will start to wear off on the gutter itself. If you keep your gutters clean and unclogged, you also prevent water from damaging your home's beautiful landscape and garden. If you can't remember the last time you climbed the ladder to clear clogged gutters, you probably need serious cleaning. This causes excessive tension in that section of the gutter and can cause the hardware to fail, causing greater sagging or, worse, a total collapse of the gutter section. If the gutters are made of lower quality materials or are allowed to sink long enough, they will become too damaged and may need to be replaced or repaired.

Stains on the lining or on the downspouts and gutters are a telltale sign that the gutters have been overflowing due to an obstruction. Fallen gutters alone aren't particularly harmful to your overall property, but as they begin to separate from the roof, the gutter could come off and bring with it part of the outside of your home. Cleaning gutters regularly is essential for protecting your home against costly water-related damage. Every fall and spring season requires climbing up on your roof for clearing out clogged gutters. If dirt remains in them for too long then excess weight will start wearing off on them leading them towards damages which may require replacement or repair.