Keep Pests and Wild Animals Out of Your Gutters

When it comes to keeping pests and wild animals away from your gutters, prevention is key. The best way to protect your gutters from unwanted visitors is to install a mesh cover, gutter protectors with a brush for bottles, gutter protectors with holes or slits, or gutter protectors with sponge or foam. Clogged gutters that accumulate debris and stagnant water are an immediate problem when it comes to insect control. Even if the gutters are not obstructed, the exposed gutters can attract wildlife to build nests and access the attic by destroying the roof.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, common pests that are attracted to gutters include mosquitoes, snakes, and other animals. Elsewhere in the country, these same pests may also take refuge in open gutters that are not cleaned or covered regularly. To keep pests and wild animals out of your gutters, it is important to regularly clean them out and make sure they are covered with a mesh cover or gutter protector. This will help ensure that your gutters remain free of debris and stagnant water, which can attract unwanted visitors.

Additionally, it is important to inspect your roof for any signs of damage that could be caused by wildlife trying to access the attic.