10 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks: What to Look For and How to Fix Them

Every roof should be able to keep your family warm and dry for decades, but wear and tear is inevitable. To save you from costly repairs, we've compiled a list of the 10 most common causes of roof leaks. We'll tell you what they look like, why they occur and how to fix them. From shingles to gutters, chimneys to ventilation boots, there are many potential causes of roof leaks.

Poor maintenance, age, storms and temperature fluctuations can all contribute to water damage. Read on to learn 10 common causes of roof leaks and how to identify them. The most common cause of roof leaks is the deterioration of roofing materials due to age or exposure to direct sunlight. Temperature fluctuations and weather conditions can cause roofing materials to become brittle and crack. Herpes zoster is also a common cause of roof leaks, and it's easily visible.

It's important to check the integrity of the shingles after a major storm with strong winds. Poor maintenance and carelessness can also cause roof leaks. Heavy blocks of ice and snow should be removed from the roof, and people should avoid walking on tiles. The lack of maintenance is also noticeable when asphalt shingles are missing. Gutters are essential for carrying water away from your home, but when they're clogged, the stagnant water can cause the roof to rot and eventually leak. Ice dams are another common cause of roof leaks, which occur when snowfall is combined with prolonged temperatures below freezing. Pipes are another potential source of roof leaks.

Looking at the general leak area will show you which pipe is causing water to enter your house. Roofers must be careful when repairing this leak so that carbon monoxide does not enter the house. Chimneys are often overlooked as a source of roof leaks. Any appliance that burns fuel will have a chimney, so it's important to check for any signs of water damage. Ventilation boots can deteriorate faster than other parts of the roof and cause leaks even if the rest of the roof is in perfect condition. Missing shingles are easy to spot and can sometimes be identified without having to climb onto the roof. Finally, an aging or poorly maintained roof can lead to normal breakdowns due to old age.

Knowing the most common causes of roof leaks and how to identify them can help you address problems early on and save you money on repairs.